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Zaybak Plays BATTLETECH - Episode 95 [Bones]

author Zaybak   1 мес. назад

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BattleTech - Avoid Headshots, Salvage Full Mechs, How to use a light example mission

BattleTech: Catapult Carnage vs Heavy Battle Lance

Our lance consists of three Catapults and a Locust (23.4M). The enemy lance consists of a Commando, Panther, Orion and an Atlas (24.8M). BattleTech: Catapult Carnage vs Heavy Battle Lance -- Watch live at For all of my BATTLETECH vids, follow this link: For all my Backers Beta videos, check this link: Developer: Harebrained Schemes Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Beginners Guide: Battletech

For those of you who are struggling this should cover the basics of mechs/pilots and smarter fighting. - helps keep this place going.

Brief History Of Battletech - Part 1 - Before the game

Feel free to skip this one. This video goes into the political background that establishes the Lore for Battletech. All the content in this video is prior to the games actual start.

Battletech New Equipment - New Equipment in Battletech DLC - Battletech Lore

This video is going to be talking about some of the equipment coming to Battletech as DLC. Equipment such as double heat sinks, case, or endosteel structure is extremely likely to be added to the multiplayer as dlc or an expansion at some point. Right now I think it's likely that clan weapons/mechs will be added as an expansion, so I didn't touch on them.

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BattleTech is a turn based tactics game, similar to games in the XCOM series. In the distant future of humanity, your squad of mercenaries must fight desperate battles in their mechs in order to keep the lights on. Witness stunning feats of strategy and tactics, as I, Zaybak, bumble through this game.

The game was developed by Hairbrained Schemes and published by Paradox Interactive.

It is currently available on Steam:

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